Bathsheba - Lily Bea Wells

Showcasing stunning art in Ilfracombe


Fleek Gallery is a contemporary fine art gallery and website featuring regular exhibitions of new work by emerging and established artists worldwide. The gallery was established in 2017 and is located here in Ilfracombe, a town increasingly known for its progressive art scene.  


Let Dan take you on a virtual tour of Fleek.

Fleek Gallery is attracting exciting artists looking to showcase and sell their new work in our excellent exhibition space and through our website. We have upcoming shows planned this year so please join our mailing list to receive up to the minute information on shows and new artists. Dan Martin, Gallery Director, is always happy to help you with no pressure at all.  Fleek has a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. 

Hi - Emma Gibbons


What our visitors have said about Fleek!:


‘We love going to this gallery’


‘What a great place, Dan was very helpful’.


‘This gallery is a gem, offering something different in a relaxed friendly and
non-pretentious environment.’ 


‘The gallery owner Dan had compiled a great range of artists work from established artists and newcomers from all over UK.’


‘A new and simply laid out exhibition space enabling the visitor to view artwork without any unnecessary distractions.’  


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Keith Richards - Nigel Mason


Turquoise Angel Neon   Darren West

Fleek Gallery

introduces ‘Fleek In Situ’


Now you can choose artwork from either the physical gallery or online at and then schedule a home visit with Dan Martin, Gallery Director, to view the work in situ in your own home or workplace. 


Rose Mad  -  Raffaella Bertolini

Untitled  - Nathaniel Newell



Every Fleek In Situ visit is unique. Dan will bring the work you have chosen to your home or workplace so you get the full creative experience of seeing the work in its rightful place.  


Says Dan, "In my experience, it is when a client can see a work of art in their own space that it really brings the magic of the art alive. I have always said that when a work of art is created, it is created for someone; my job is to simply join the dots. I am really excited about this new venture. It is completely free of charge, the only requirement I might ask is a cup of tea or coffee!"


Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 


For further information: 

Contact our Gallery Director Dan Martin 07711 803811 or email for more information.


Pop Master - Jason Pengelly


London Calling - Illuminati Neon


The Birth of Destruction - ONYX  


Visit Fleek Gallery on
St James' Place EX34 9BJ

Open Tuesday to Saturday 11am - 5pm, Sunday 11am - 4pm