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Chloe Marie Aston has a beautiful voice, there can be no argument about that - just take a listen  her new single (link at the foot of this page) if you don't believe me... But she is perhaps most famous locally, not just for her voice, but for her bike.


"When I was little I really enjoyed The Little Mermaid and loved to sing the song Part Of Your World. As I got older, I developed an interest in open mics and even went to some to sing along with a backing track."


She has been singing for as long as she can remember, since she was at least six years old. her family is not musical, but that hasn't stopped them from being extermely supportive of her musical ambitions.


Her first instrument was the guitar which she loved to play and her family were incredibly proud when she went out busking. And Chloe loved performing!

Unfortunately, her young fingers began to hurt after too short a time when she was busking and she was always disappointed to have to go home early.


Her father, not wanting her to be disappointed, came up with a crazy idea. She could play the piano... and cycle herself to her busking gigs! Yes. He decided to put a piano on a bike!

Father and daughter worked hard on the idea and came up with a fully functional piano on a fully functional bike in time for the summer of 2019.


The piano is now her main instrument (although she's keeping quiet about whether the bicycle is her main mode of transport...) and the cycling pianist was quickly a common, amnd welcome, sight at events in Ilfracombe in 2019.



Making the famous Piano Bike

The covid pandemic put a stop temporarily to the piano excursions, but it has certainly not put a stop to Chloe. 


She has been extremely busy writing music and performing live sessions on her You Tube channel.

She describes her musical style as "My original music is acoustic and easy to listen to. The songs I cover are often pop songs but I also make these acoustic to suit my style." 




Her plans for the future are very clear - music! This summer will see her out and about on sunny days in Ilfracombe and she is very haopeful to be at whatever of our big events can take place this year.

Those who are eagle-eyed will already have spotted her and her bike around and about the town earlier this spring.


She plans to carry on writing music - the video for her new single, Street Lights, is below.


Chloe is a real talent and someone that Ilfracombe can be very proud of. The comments on her YouTube Channel, and facebook page, are filled with praise and wonder at the talent of someone so young who has managed to nurture her own talent.


Well done Chloe!


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