A 'new' pub in Ilfracombe!


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The Wheatsheaf Pub (established in 1899, no less) appeared overnight on the Quay at the end of May. Its appearance was accompanied by huge increase in activity around the Harbour and some very famous faces!


The old Quay favourite, the Pier, had in fact, been dressed up very convincingly as The Wheatsheaf to star in a new ITV series, The Long Call, being filmed at various locations in North Devon.


The series is based on the best-selling novel from Ann Cleeves (the writer behind Vera).


The novel tells the story of a body found on a beach and Detective Matthew Venn's stuggle not only with the complex case needed to bring the murderer to justice but also his only personal challenge with returning to an area he left in tragic circumstances years before.  




Filming on the pier. Photo by Allan Collins

Filming in the Harbour. Photo by Allan Collins


The ITV crew were seen filming not only around the Pier pub (sorry, I mean the Wheatsheaf...), but also in the water of the Harbour on large specially-adapted ribs and a dinghy.


Neil Morrissey was seen (not behaving badly this time) and Anita Dobson was rumoured to be around.


The Pier Brewery Tap and Grill all dressed up as the Wheatsheaf.


Considering the scale of the filming operation, the crew caused very little disruption and seemed happy to allow crowds of curious onlookers to watch the proceedings.  The filming days were beautiful, warm and sunny and Ilfracombe was really looking its best.

We're looking forward to seeing Ilfracombe on the screen soon!


Not read the book yet?

You can get your copy of The Long Call from Ilfracombe Bookshop on the High Street

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