Looking after body and mind


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If just reading about all the wild and wet activities available in Ilfracombe has tired you out, how about trying something a little more Zen!


A new initiative has started in the town which is already becomng very popular. Park Yoga is a national initiative providing free outdoor yoga sessions around the UK - rather like the ParkRuns which has proved a hit around the country.



Ilfracombe's Park sessions run throughout the summer from May to September and are suitable for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. You donlt have to be a Yoga Guru to take part - many people are using Park Yoga as their first try out of yoga..

All sessions are held on Sunday mornings (weather permitting) at 9.30am at the Ilfracombe football ground (Marlborough Way EX34 8AB) with each session lasting an hour.
It is free but they do ask that you book in advance on the Park Yoga website. https://parkyoga.co/ilfracombe/

Also available in Ilfracombe are Tai Chi sessions. Tai was originally a martial art developed in 13th Century China, but it is very different to karate or judo. It is based on  deep breathing and relaxation together with slow, considered flowing movements. 


it is thought that Tai Chi is particularly good for reducing stress, improving posture, balance and general mobility, and increasing muscle strength in the legs.


A beginner's session is held at 6pm - 7pm , Museum car park (Wilder Road EX34 8AF) buy our own local Tai Chi Guru Paul Maxfield.

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