"Well, here we are.  Well just!

And England are the Euro 2020 Champions.*  Hopefully, COVID restrictions will be lifted after 19th July and we can start to begin to get back to normal again.  But one thing is for certain is that the great British Summer is here and the town is all ready to welcome new and returning visitors. COVID and the necessary restrictions have been a huge challenge for everyone involved in the hospitality industry and local businesses but I sure that new and returning visitors will be delighted to see how the town has responded.


"We’ve all come through unprecedented times and we are not out of the woods yet.  But I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for making sure that all our visitors are guaranteed a fantastic time. Ilfracombe is known for its Curious Coastal Charm for good reasons and I’m proud to be its Mayor.  Ilfracombe has been my destination of choice cannot imagine wanting to be anywhere else. 

Stay safe. We’re nearly there!"



*Ed. Sorry this was written the day after the Mayor had watched England get into the
semi-finals and he was still feeling a bit tired and emotional.




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